TEARS HIT THE FLOOR! Watch Chuck Schumer Cry Like A Baby After What Trump Did To Him!

Liberals are babies. They don’t look at the world in reality. This weekend Donald Trump signed an executive order. Six years ago Obama banned refugees from Iraq for six months. The Democrats didn’t say anything then.

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This weekend Donald Trump signed an executive order to refuse refugees from seven terrorist countries and the Democrats are losing their minds. Seriously. Chuck Schumer is in tears. These Democrats are the biggest hypocrites.

This is the face of a cry baby.

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Watch this lil’ baby cry.


We need to get these people out of power. Chuck Schumer is probably insane. I’m not doctor but this dude is straight up craaaaaazy!

We need to expose the insanity of the Democratic party to America. Spread this stupid video all over Facebook. (h/t ABC News)

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