Sylvester “Rocky” Stallone Risks Career By Saying THIS! Obama Is FURIOUS! -VIDEO

Sylvester Stallone just won a major award for Creed… the latest Rocky movie. But the actor famous for his portrayal of Rocky Balboa didn’t pull any punches when asked who he is supporting in 2016.

Stallone just said he supports Donald Trump! This is a direct insult to the Obama-donating Hollywood liberals who can’t stand Trump’s tough talk about illegal aliens, Islam, and the Constitution.

Stallone is a 100% class act who always dresses well and is a Christian role model for millions. This is awesome!

Trump uses his incredible speaking talents to spread his message of liberty and conservative values. The liberal media and Hollywood elites want to silence him… But he talks over their heads, and continues to skyrocket in every poll.

Here’s more on Stallone’s epic victory at the awards:



tallone’s support for Trump speaks to Trump’s ability to earn support from many different Americans who typically don’t get involved in Republican primaries. Trump has support from what used to be called the “Reagan Democrats” and the issues he speaks about transcend party affiliation. He’s fighting to defend America’s honor, just like Rocky did in the 1980s.

Thank you Sylvester Stallone for risking your career and standing up for conservative principles!

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