Susan Sarandon Hates Hillary, Urges Voters To Choose Trump!

Well folks, this is it. The election day is closing in and we can’t cover all the news regarding it. Almost every single topic in America is slowly but surely turned into an election discussion. Even those people that don’t want to participate in a political discussion, have to.

Almost on every major television, celebrities are asked their opinion on this election, who will they vote for, what do they think of the candidates and so on… Here is how Susan Sarandon responded on this topic while she was being interviewed on BBC.

Recently, Susan Sarandon was interviewed on BBC. The interview had nothing to do with the election, but nonetheless, questions about the election were brought up.

In the interview, the BBC host assumed that just because Susan is a female, she should automatically vote for Hillary. Well, Susan’s response to this was epic. She said that just because you’re a woman, you don’t necessarily need to vote for Hillary Clinton. In addition, she also added that because she is a woman, she hates Hillary.

So the message here that Susan Sarandon sends is the following one….

If you are a woman, just because you share the same gender with Hillary, you don’t have to vote for her. The gender isn’t in bondage to a party or a vote or an individual. Isn’t feminism supposed to be about independence and emancipation from emotional and psychological bondage?

In other words, women shouldn’t vote for another woman, just because the candidate is a woman. They have a free will, free choice and they can vote for whoever they want, and it doesn’t matter if the candidate is a man or a woman.

So there you have it folks… this is clear evidence that no one likes Hillary to be President.


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