Susan Rice WILL be testifying under oath

There is no doubt that Barack Obama did some TERRIBLE stuff while he was in office. One of the worst of the worst was his expansion of the Patriot Act and his use of “unmasking” to spy on Republicans.

We found out it was Susan Rice who was in charge of the unmasking. Well, we just scored a MASSIVE win over Obama’s goons today…

According to the report, the hearing is expected to take place next month and was confirmed by Rice’s spokesperson.

Now, I say this with 90% confidence because the ORIGINAL source is CNN and we all know their reputation with Fake News.

What this does mean, however, is that Republicans will finally have a chance to grill Rice and see how bad the unmasking was. It could be far worse than Watergate.

So let’s pray we can finally get to the bottom of this and punish anyone who broke the law. Comment AMEN if you are glad someone from Obama’s team is finally being questioned.


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