State Department: FBI Just Found 2,800 More Emails Hillary Didn’t Turn Over

The State Department said Friday that the FBI had uncovered at least 2,800 more emails that Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton never turned over, even though she had claimed on several occasions that she had released them all months ago.

The FBI said it would begin releasing the emails in batches next month. However, only about 10 percent of them will be processed before the presidential election, because the agency doesn’t have the resources to vet before Nov. 8, The Washington Times reported.

Still, the revelation — and another reminder of the Hillary Clinton email scandal — has to have an impact on American voters.

Attorneys for the State Department said they are having a difficult time hiring staff to review the messages, adding that they have already lost a number of staffers because of the hard work and long hours.

Apparently, it is mind-numbingly difficult to review email messages.

“This has been a very difficult and demanding job these days, and not a lot of fun,” said Marcia Berman, a Justice Department lawyer handling the Clinton cases.

Berman must be a liberal — because sometimes jobs are difficult, and sometimes they aren’t fun, but responsible people do them anyway. It’s called being an adult.

“The State Department is being obstructionist,” said Tom Fitton, president of conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, which filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the State Department earlier in the year to get to the bottom of an email scandal that increasingly appears to be bottomless.

It is truly pathetic to see government agencies working in consort with one another to help keep Clinton off the hook.

We cannot risk having such a corrupt person in the White House leading the country. She will lead it straight into irretrievable ruin.


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