Soros And Gore – Leaked Emails Show Gore Got Rich Teaming Up On Climate Fraud

It’s hard to believe that the great American patriot, Bill Clinton’s former vice president, Honest Al Gore, would be involved in a scheme to mislead Americans and pilfer our nation. That seems so out of character. Then again corruption and Clinton go hand in hand. Is it possible the great green crusader is actually the great greenback crusader? Of course it is. The climate hoax is Al Gore’s claim to fame and riches. As fate would have it, we just got an insight into just how much crooked these elites are and how rich one of those income streams of Gore’s was generating.

The source of that stream, as with much of what is wrong in the world today, is the despicable parasite and enemy of America, George Soros. There’s been a lot of email hacking taking place lately and Soros has found himself the subject of a significant hack that gives insight into his manipulative scheming and actions to take down our country.

The price for the political prostitute who used to plays weatherman and climate expert while being nothing but a slick opportunist and fast talker is a cool $30 million, according to one email, paid to Gore over the course of three years. In return Gore was to provide Soros with what he described as “political space for aggressive US action” on global warming.

While it seems Soros is talking in billionaire code the translation is easy enough to make. Influence politicians to take action that will help move the global warming hoax along legislatively or at the UN, maybe both. Either way the force of government, real, hijacked or as is the case with the UN, illegitimate, is attached to the hoax and the ability to compel compliance is created. After all, fraud is Albert Arnold Gore Jr’s middle name, and he can always claim he really believes it, playing the “sincere but honest fool” card.

The source of the leak is an organization called DC Leaks. It shows that Soros acted through his false front “charity,” the Open Society Institute (OSI), budgeting $10 million in annual payments to Gore over a three year period. That ‘s good money and it doesn’t include what he’s making by investing in carbon credits and other fruits of his poison green tree of non-existent crisis exploitation.



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