Did Anthony Weiner say these things as part a deal to save himself?

Anthony Weiner has spoken!

One year ago, we all that that Donald Trump was just being funny, just being Trump, when he said that Hillary Clinton was showing poor judgement in letting Huma Abedin, wife of “perv sleaze” Anthony Weiner have access to government information. Trump called the couple a security risk, but again, we thought he was just making fun of them.

As it turns out, Donald Trump’s words were eerily prophetic. Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have heard by now that the FBI is reopening the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email problems after finding evidence on devices at Anthony Weiner’s home.

Earlier, we reported that FBI Director James Comey had tricked Obama’s Department of Justice and the Clintons in sending the investigation announcement letter to Congress. Some believe that Comey was attempting to force the DOJ to issue a warrant so that his agents can start reading the 10,000+ emails on Weiner’s device.
Now, Anthony Weiner has spoken and he may have made Comey’s job even easier, while completely bypassing the Department of Justice altogether.
According to reports, Weiner has given permission for the FBI to access all of the information on his electronic devices, including his wifi router.

In essence, Weiner is singing like a bird, and the FBI can conduct a thorough review of the emails in question. If there is criminality found on Weiner’s devices, they have a shot at it.
Is there anything that the Department of Justice or the Clintons can do?
Time will tell, but many believe that WikiLeaks and others are about to drop more incriminating evidence on Hillary later this week.
Comey may have saved himself. Weiner may be trying to cut a plea deal to save himself.
Hang on, as this ride is still picking up steam!


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