SHOCK: Bloomberg Issues Surprise Statement on Trump, Hillary Camp Instantly Freaks

After their respective conventions, both Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton enjoyed the much-expected “post-convention bounce” in the polls. However, Clinton’s bounce doesn’t seem to have faded — or at least that’s what the media wants you to think.

Sharyl Atkkisson reported that an analysis of a Bloomberg poll showed that Clinton’s lead over Trump has actually been falling significantly — once you factor out the media manipulation.

In fact, Clinton’s lead over Trump was currently well within the poll’s margin of error.

In March of 2016, Clinton led Trump by 18 points in a Bloomberg poll. That shrank to 13 points in June (that particular poll included Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson).

Then her lead seemed to tanked in August, as she was leading by a measly three points in a poll including both Libertarian and Green Party nominees.

However Bloomberg has been reporting the results of the most recent poll slightly differently than reality, in an apparent attempt to make Clinton look better. When reporting their results, Bloomberg chose to lump in the people who said they were “leaning” toward Clinton — which is a far cry from actually saying you will vote for her — into the general mix.

With their creative math, Bloomberg was able to show Clinton with a 6-point lead over Trump:


Bloomberg, of course, didn’t make their methodology clear. Looking at their graph, shown above, there is no indication that the results included those who were merely “leaning” toward Clinton.

It really shouldn’t surprise any of us that the media are blatantly trying to hide how well Trump is actually doing. One need only look at the difference in the rallies between the two to see who is really ahead.


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