“She Was Visibly, Unflinchingly Pissed”, Hillary Campaign Workers Expose What She Did To Them

A new book all about Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign is coming out on April 18th. The book is called “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign,” by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes. The book will apparently be nothing but excuse after excuse of why Hillary failed to win. However, the book also shows a very ugly side to Hillary Clinton.

An excerpt of the book was given to ‘The Hill’. In one section a few people in Hillary’s campaign recalled the horrific ways that Hillary treated them for her own failures. ‘We Got An Ass-Chewing’ was the title of one section of the book.

“Hillary was so mad she couldn’t think straight. She was supposed to be focused on the prep session for that night’s Univision debate in Miami, but a potent mix of exhaustion and exasperation bubbled up inside. She’d been humiliated in the Michigan primary the night before, a loss that not only robbed her of a prime opportunity to put Bernie Sanders down for good but also exposed several of her weaknesses,” said the book.

How could she have been left so vulnerable? She knew — or at least she thought she did. The blame belonged to her campaign team, she believed, for failing to hone her message, energize important constituencies and take care of business in getting voters to the polls,” said the book.

“She was visibly, unflinchingly pissed off at us as a group,” said one aide who was in the room for the humiliating scene. “And she let us know she felt that way,” said the article. For more read here.

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