Sean Hannity Puts All His Chips On The Table, He’s Going ALL IN For Trump… Please Show Him Your Support

This election season is more hostile than any we have seen before. Sean Hannity, for example, has been a target for his colleagues at Fox News for supporting his party’s nominee for President, Donald Trump.

Reporters and commentators at Fox News, including Megyn Kelly, Juan Williams, Shepard Smith and Geraldo Rivera have all spoken out against the candidate. Hannity is sick of their betrayal.

Despite the departure of CEO Roger Ailes, executives at Fox News are still fully behind Trump. They have encouraged Hannity’s efforts to boost our party’s candidate.

“My bosses have only given me nothing but support and appreciation for the high ratings I get,” Hannity commented, before taking on the haters at his own network.

“As far as my colleagues?” he continued. “I don’t mean this to be disrespectful, but I don’t care what they think. They’ve got their role, and I’ve got mine.”

Do you support Hannity for his honesty and speaking his mind?


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