Sean Hannity Just Received Tragic News… Fans Shocked

Sean Hannity went head-to-head with Fox News this week, after citing some election polls that were deemed “unscientific” by the network.

According to reports, Hannity cited a series of online polls claiming that Donald Trump was the winner of the first presidential debate. Dana Blanton, vice president of public-opinion research at Fox News, sent out a memo to network producers that unscientific and “do not meet our editorial standards.”

Hannity clearly ignored that menu. That was until Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple claimed Hannity was “100% beyond the reach of Fox News management.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised to find that in its next annual report, 21st Century Fox will report that the ‘Hannity’ show at some point in the 2106 cycle was spun off as an independent company separate from Fox News,” Wemple commented. “He’s running his own fiefdom, his own shop, his own news network.”

But Hannity was still citing the controversial resource as late as Thursday.

“I know that people hate when I cite online polling,” Hannity explained on the show that night. “But when you see The Hill and you see Slate and, these are not mainstream conservative polling or websites. And when they vote after a debate so overwhelmingly for Trump, it’s telling me something.”

“I imagine that he is wanting to be helpful to Donald Trump as an extension of the campaign,” one Fox News host told reporters. “But if Hillary Clinton had won any of those online polls, he probably would not have touted them.”


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