Sarah Palin Sends Bernie Sanders An Unexpected Message After The Virginia Shooting

Aderanged man shot a few Republican Congressmen including Steve Scalise. However, the only one who died was the shooter, James T. Hodgkinson. It turns out Hodgkinson was a HUGE Bernie Sanders fan and even volunteered on his campaign. People are now asking if angry liberal rhetoric, telling liberals that everyone that disagrees with them is hateful, is responsible for this shooting.

Does Bernie Sanders share any of the blame for this shooting? According to Sarah Palin, she does not.

“Prayers for healing are raised for all victims of today’s horrific violence, while we with lift up thankfulness that lives were not lost. While justice is now sought upon the capture of the deranged attacker, an additional prayer must be for no acceptance of a rush to destroy anyone else in this horrible incident,” said Sarah Palin in an interview with Breitbart.

“Those seeking political advantage reacted so recklessly and irresponsibly the last time a member of Congress was brutally attacked, as media inexplicably played a knee-jerk blame game assuming that attacker’s motives. Today’s shooter appears to be a Bernie Sanders supporter and campaign volunteer. But Bernie Sanders is not to blame,” explained Palin.

“Maybe the media have matured enough to allow coverage of this most recent violence to focus on facts, because media integrity will be crucial as America witnesses today’s events unfolding and, on behalf of our Congressional Representatives, we all seek justice,” said Palin.


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