Salma Hayek Makes Nasty Movie to INSULT Trump Voters. Will You Boycott?

Salma Hayek is a laughable actress that will gladly tell you that she doesn’t like Trump.  Hayek has a new movie coming out, and apparently, it reflects the political landscape that she lives in.

The new movie is called “Beatriz at Dinner,” wherein Hayek plays a Mexican-born healer who clashes with an evil white billionaire. The subtext of ANYTHING is important, as you can see, and the message they were trying to portray here was obvious. When talking about the movie during a phone interview, she said that many people outside of the U.S. view Trump supporters as “insane” and “embarrassing,” via Dennis Michael Lynch.

Her interview gets even more insulting to President Trump, and the rest of the patriots of this country. Hayek explained that she feels like everyone thinks Mexicans still ride around on donkeys, yet we are the “racist” ones, right? Give us a break Hayek — you’re pandering to people who actually are oppressed. It’s obvious and disgusting.

One of the most laughable quotes Hayek offered up during her interview consisted of this gem: “When you are surrounded by only one mentality — Hollywood, for example — it’s hard for you to see the other mentality.” Is she trying to wax about the dangers of bias, all while being a left-wing hack?

Hayek somehow believes that, by playing an oppressed Mexican woman, that she can relate to the struggles they face. It’s this repulsive mindset that brings the Left down, and makes them look like idiots.

You cannot accuse everyone of being racist, and then say that you relate to poor Mexicans because you played one in a movie. It isn’t just us, right? Everyone sees how INSANE that looks and sounds, don’t they?

According to Hayek, no one is having a conversation about the troubles Mexican people are facing here in the U.S. The problem here is that she never really elaborates on the statement during her interview.

If she’s implying that Mexicans face problems when they get deported, we have to ask — does she know the difference between illegal and legal? If you’re here LEGALLY, you have nothing to worry about. It’s that simple.

Hayek is being disingenuous. All she’s trying to do is rack up more ratings for her crappy film (that no one wants to see ANYWAY). We say it’s time for another boycott — nobody should see this trash for any reason.

You can tell how much of a coward she is, because she explains that she’s SCARED by the fact that no one’s standing up to Trump’s behavior. Really? Hayek is a Hollywood liberal elite, and worth $85 MILLION dollars, via Celebrity Net Worth.

It must be so terrifying for her in her mansion with her tens of millions of dollars. Give us a break. Hayek, quit pandering. We see right through your act. If you want to make movies — fine. Leave the politics and feelings at the door, because NO ONE cares.

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