Rudy Giuliani to Lead New Cyber Security Team In Trump’s Cabinet

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced on “Fox and Friends” Thursday that he will be heading up a new cyber security committee for President-elect Donald Trump.

Giuliani shares Trump’s beliefs that the solutions to many issues are out there, just that they are not shared with anyone. According to Giuliani, the solution to cyber security will be found in the private sector.

“It’s his belief, which I share, that a lot of the solutions are out there. We’re just not sharing them. … My belief is, as always, that the answer to cyber security is gonna be found in the private sector,” stated Giuliani.

Rudy added that the group’s resourcefulness and funds will help them come up with solutions for a strong cyber security system.

“The idea here is to bring together corporate leaders and their technological people. The president will meet with them on an ongoing basis as well as anyone else in the Administration. … I’ll coordinate the whole thing. I’ll get the people in, make sure the meeting takes place, make sure they get the information from the private sector.”

One more positive thing of the committee, claims the former mayor, is that president-elect Trump will be able to observe the work and progress of a new, more organized and secured private sector.

“Here’s what happened to us: Acquisition of information got way ahead of our ability to defend it,” further added Giuliani as the justification behind the creation of the committee.

Even before Trump’s inauguration, we are beginning to see signs of improvement regarding one aspect of security in this country- cuber security – something that has been completely neglected by Obama’s administration in the last 8 years.


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