Rudy Giuliani Has Final Word With Lib Idiots Whining About Trump’s Order, What He Said Shut Them Up

American liberals enjoy all the comforts and security of living in the greatest nation on Earth, and seem to forget how many dangerous forces are out in the world trying to destroy our way of life. They seem to have forgotten the devastation caused to our country on September 11th, 2001.

These foolish liberals also seem to have short memories when it comes to the radical Islamic terrorism that has occurred domestically in places like Boston and San Bernardino, California. Rudy Giuliani, who has seen this kind of terrorism up close, ripped off these liberals and just set them straight about Trump’s seven nations ban.

Giuliani admitted that Trump acknowledged that a ban against radical Islamic terrorists would be a tough sell to politically correct liberals, so he knew he had to do it right, and fully legally. Trump consulted with Rudy Giuliani, who has a J.D. and was a practicing attorney, to thoroughly clear all legal aspects.

Explained Giuliani in an interview on Fox News about Trump’s process in crafting this necessary executive order, “When he first announced it, he said ‘Muslim ban.’ He called me up and said, ‘Put a commission together, show me the right way to do it legally.’”

Continued Giuliani, who created a commission with other high-profile legal experts, “What we did was we focused on ― instead of religion ― danger. The areas of the world that create danger for us, which is a factual basis, not a religious basis ― perfectly legal, perfectly sensible, and that’s what the ban is based on. It’s not based on religion. It’s based on places where there are substantial evidence that people are sending terrorists into our country.” Do you think these paranoid liberals finally got the message?

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