Right Before 9/11, Obama Did The UNTHINKABLE Today & Trump Will Stop Him!

Barack Obama has added $9 trillion to the federal debt and has seen the biggest annual budget deficits of all time. They range from $450 billion to $1.5 trillion. Obama is such a joke! He suffers from a disease that only Democrats can get: Donkey Brains Disease.

Now, his donkey brain is going to try and screw our troops. Federal law states that our nation’s military receives a yearly pay raise in accordance with a formula utilized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The House of Representatives uses the BLS figure to calculate the budget for our military personnel. It is then sent to the commander-in-chief.

The Washington Examiner has reported that the Armed Forces will only see a 1.6% pay increase on January 1rst. They should have gotten a 2.1% pay increase as mandated by law.

Let’s take a look at ho much Obama has cut down our military. He is such a traitor.

Look how much he has cut the military in his time as President.

2010 – 3.4 percent
2011 – 1.4 percent
2012 – 1.6 percent
2013 – 1.7 percent
2014 – 1.0 percent
2015 – 1.0 percent
2016 – 1.3 percent
2017 – 1.6 percent

There you have it, folks. Obama has gone on multiple vacations at Martha’s Vineyard while he robs money from the men and women that serve.

This is why more than half the nation wants Trump. He has promised to take care of our men and women in the military.

We can’t let our men and women suffer. They give so much and Obama gives so little. Vote Trump or our military men and women will live easier.

Source: libertywritersnews.co


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