REPORT: George Soros Makes Horrifying Move to Topple Trump. Media REFUSES to Report.

Liberals have all these protests, but most don’t even know what it’s really for. It’s liberal corruption at its finest, tricking We the People into believing thousands oppose Trump!

It turns out corrupt liberal billionaire George Soros is behind the Women’s March and the “Day Without Women,” which, ironically, were meant to be shows of feminism to “oppose” Trump, via The Washington Times.

Media Research Center, a conservative organization, released a report this Tuesday detailing how Soros and his Open Society Foundation gave $246 million between 2010-2014 to 100 of 544 groups that were listed as Women’s March partners.

The Women’s March is the primary U.S. organizer of the worldwide strike “Day Without Women” that occurred today, which is also International Women’s Day. This encouraged women to not shop, wear red, and play hooky from work.

“While many celebrity voices were on stage on Jan. 21, highlighting what had become a massive, anti-Trump event, there was another influential voice not heard that day. It belonged to one man. George Soros,” stated the MRC report.

Some of the groups that collaborated with the Women’s March that were given direct funding from Soros are the Human Rights Campaign, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and

Some of the biggest recipients of the Soros related funding include the ACLU, with a total of $37 million, the Human Rights Watch, which received $32 million, as well as Planned Parenthood, a huge partner of the Women’s March, which received $21 million through affiliates from Soros organizations.

The Women’s March, which was held the day after Trump was inaugurated, brought in around 500,000 people to march in the streets of Washington D.C., with five million other participants taking part in similar events across the rest of the country.

The goal of this march was to oppose Donald Trump as the president of the United States and his “sexist” agenda, but this and the “Day Without Women” have been criticized by the rest of the American people because they go far beyond what they claim to be opposing.

Women who were pro-life and belonged to groups with similar values were kept away from the Women’s March. They were excluded, just because they saw a life in the womb as just that, a life, which did not fit the liberal narrative.

“While Planned Parenthood partnered with and sponsored the Women’s March, at least two pro-life groups were removed from the march’s ‘partners’ page. Organizers added ‘safe, legal, affordable abortion’ as a core principle of the march, alienating the conservative, pro-life women (and men) who otherwise supported the march,” the report stated.

This proves this was simply a liberal protest, aimed at bringing down Trump before he even got started in the White House. And at the root of it was George Soros, the man who pulled the strings of Hillary Clinton. These women’s rights events are nothing but a liberal ploy to make the American people believe Trump shouldn’t be president, but women helped vote him in. And we refuse to believe the liberal lies!

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