RED ALERT: Ex-Intel Committee Member Bombshell… Before 12 p.m. Friday, Obama Will Pardon Clintons

Many Americans of all political stripes were upset that President Barack Obama issued a commutation of the prison sentence of Army Pvt. Bradley/Chelsea Manning, who had been convicted of stealing and leaking hundreds of thousands of classified military documents.

Former Minnesota Congresswoman and ex-Intelligence Committee member Michele Bachmann appeared Wednesday on Rusty Humphries’ “Trending Today USA” radio program on the USA Radio Network to discuss the issue — but there was actually a different pardon from Obama that Bachmann was more concerned about.

“We had the worst intelligence failures ever in the history of the United States under Barack Obama by Bradley Manning, by Edward Snowden and by none other than our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who because of her selfishness in having an unsecured server set up in her home, had America’s most vital secrets likely intercepted by our enemies and then released to the world,” Bachmann said.

“Barack Obama should be ashamed. Bradley Manning should be in jail, and in my opinion Hillary Clinton should be there with him,” she continued.

Humphries sadly noted that there was nothing to be done about Obama’s pardons and commutations, a fact Bachmann confirmed.

“I would look for a pardon coming for Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton Foundation before noon on Friday,” Bachmann predicted.

In response to Humphries’ shocked reaction to her statement, Bachmann reminded him, “A person does not have to be charged or in jail to receive a pardon,” suggesting that Obama could issue a “pre-pardon” of Clinton.

“I would not be surprised to see Barack Obama issue a blank pardon for anything Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton or the Clinton Foundation has done,” she concluded.

You can listen to a portion of Bachmann’s interview here:

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