Rand Paul Holds Nothing Back, ‘There’s One Place Hillary Belongs… Behind Bars!’

Kentucky’s Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul made headlines this week when he blasted Hillary Clinton, calling for the Democratic nominee to be indicted and locked up.

“Every voter in the country needs to know that the Clintons are in it for themselves,” Paul said Thursday in an interview on The O’Reilly Factor.

“They’re in it to make money and they will make hundreds of millions of dollars if she gets in the White House because they will sell themselves to the highest bidder,” he continued.

Paul also argued that the former secretary of state should face indictment, “followed by a prison sentence.”

“I think it’s very unfair that Hillary Clinton wasn’t prosecuted,” he said, referring to charges that were dropped against Clinton in a federal investigation of her private emails during her tenure at the State Department. “Her dishonesty should preclude her from really being considered for commander in chief.”

Paul also shared his personal theory that FBI Director James Comey actually did want to indict Clinton, and now regrets not doing so. He claims that Clinton’s actions proved that for her, convenience trumps national security.

“The conflict of interest just goes on and on, and I think it’s indictable,” he concluded. “She should be in prison for it.”

Source: americannews.com

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