Punks Burn Two American Flags in Elderly Woman’s Yard, Then American Legion Shows Up – VIDEO

In Maryville, Tennessee, an elderly woman got a nasty surprise when she found out that someone had taken her American flags and burned them on her property. She was heartbroken, and her neighbors were alarmed enough to report it tolocal authorities.

“Why, why her flag, I don’t understand why, it’s a 79-year-old woman. She wouldn’t hurt a fly,” DeWayne Phillips, the homeowner’s son, told WATE. “We think it’s kids that possibly don’t know any better. Why?”

American Legion Post 13 and the Maryville Police Department flocked to the scene, scurrying to undo the damage caused — and they did so in the most epic way.

The unnamed 79-year-old woman now has 20 flags on and outside her house in an incredible patriotic display — and six more inside her home, should some of them need to be replaced. That’ll definitely stick it to the flag-burning Marxists next time they pay her front yard a visit.

“We got to show that we can’t let that happen around here, or anywhere,” said American Legion member Charlie Walton.

Source : conservativetribune.com

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