Pro-Hillary Thugs Nearly Beat Trump Supporter To Death, You’ll Never Believe Their Reason

The country that we live in today is being sabotaged. Not by an actual military force, but the media acts like a militia towards all conservatives. In today’s society, the liberal media would rather “hug a thug” than thank a veteran for their service. This is true because you continue to see that the media thinks Black Lives Matter is a peaceful group.

Political correctness is destroying our freedoms and the rights the Constitution affords us to practice. If BLM thugs can walk the streets screaming that cops need to be killed, why is it a problem for people to walk around wearing a Donald Trump shirt? Don’t let anyone fool you: Obama, Hillary, and the liberal media do not want you to have any opinion that differs from theirs.

In our latest example of this being true, an elderly 62 year old New Jersey man was nearly beaten to death because he was wearing a Donald Trump T-shirt. That is it. There are no other facts around this case–the elderly man was not violent to anyone, nor did HE say anything to anyone to elicit this violence.

Police in Bloomfield, New Jersey say that a 62-year-old man was attacked in a parking lot of a Friendly’s restaurant after being harassed by an unknown assailant, simply for wearing a Trump shirt. First of all, he is 62 years old, why would anyone feel the need to attack this man? Secondly, why would a T-shirt make someone mad enough to nearly end his life with a crowbar?

Clint Eastwood was right, we are becoming pansies that need to sack it up! This story is unbelievable. Not only is it sad that the man was harassed for expressing his political OPINION, he also kept it to himself and was beaten mercilessly with a crowbar for wearing a T-shirt.

The victim told police that a man in a compact car first began yelling at him from the street and then began to follow him in the vehicle. Soon, the suspect stopped his car, jumped out, and began to harass the man as he continued toward the restaurant. Again, this man is 62 years old, not causing any trouble, and was going to get some breakfast.

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