Press Huddle Together During Debate, Openly Cheer Hillary On

What Fox News commentator Jesse Watters witnessed at the third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas Wednesday evening was chilling.

In a tweet published about 10 minutes after the start of the debate, Watters explained that he was sitting in an off-limits room for members of the media, watching as so-called journalists and reporters inappropriately cheered for one candidate but booed the other.

“Press laughs and cheers for Hillary and groans and gasps when Trump speaks,” he noted.

As website Twitchy pointed out, the media’s unabashed support for Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton proved that “(t)he Fourth Estate (was) bankrupt, morally.”

“If you think it will be any different if she becomes president, then I have a bridge to sell you,” the site added. “She will not be held accountable for a THING.”

The point was that the media had lost all interest in being fair and balanced. Instead of being a vessel for the propagation of news, it had transformed into an arm and leg of the Democrat Party.

Check out Watters’ tweet below:



The Fox News commentator ended his tweet by cleverly including the hashtag #InTheTank, signaling that the entire media establishing was effectively in the tank for Clinton, just as Twitchy had predicted.

One could therefore make the case that the election was rigged, in that the media was so dedicated to electing Clinton that it felt no compunctions about presenting the so-called “news” in a way that benefited her while simultaneously harming her opponent, GOP candidate Donald Trump.

Here’s the thing: When journalists cherry-pick facts and data so as to weave a narrative in favor of one person but against another, they cease to be journalists and start being commentators, which is fine.

Except when said commentators keep pretending to be journalists; in that case, they turn into political hacks. And incidentally, the entire liberal mainstream media happens to be brimming with these hacks. Ergo, the election is in fact in many ways rigged.


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