Trump Left Without Hotel Reservation In Hamburg, and Turns Out Obama Is Directly Responsible

President Donald Trump is in Hamburg, Germany for the G-20 summit and apparently he wasn’t able to get a hotel room at one of the top 5 star hotels.

The media has been joking around about how dumb Trump is but, as usual, they are leaving out a key piece of information.

The hotels were already booked on Election Day.

Which means, it was up to Obama to make sure that the next president was set up.

From The Daily Mail:

The White House is blaming the Obama administration for leaving President Donald Trump without a proper hotel during this week’s G20 summit.

Every top-shelf lodging was already booked by the time the Trump White House began making inquiries – but that, two White House officials say, is because their predecessors never booked rooms for an American delegation.

Staff at eight of them confirmed that they were completely booked by the time America’s 2016 election was held in early November. the other two declined to comment.

‘The funny thing,’ a second Trump White House official said Friday, ‘is that the U.S. delegation probably also wouldn’t have had hotel rooms if Hillary Clinton had become president. It was already too late by Election Day.’

‘But I bet even if Hillary had to sleep in a youth hostel,’ the official added, ‘no one in the press would say it was her staff’s fault.’

Clearly, the Obama Administration dropped the ball here.

Would have been the right thing to do to make sure the next president had everything set up considering that it was already too late on Election Day.

But, you know how President Obama is. Not exactly a great planner.

If Hillary had won she would have been screwed too but as the Daily Mail article points out the media would be singing a completely different tune.

From Weasel Zippers:

The hotels were booked by the time of the election, so it wasn’t Trump’s fault, he wouldn’t have been able to make reservations. Had it been Hillary she would have been out of luck as well. But other media is now mocking Trump, claiming he failed to make reservations.

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