President Bush’s Unfortunate Today Show Appearance: Islamic jihadis “are not religious people,” hits Trump

President Bush appeared with Matt Lauer on the Today show. Even now, sixteen years after 9/11, he has learned nothing. 9/11, Times Square, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Chattanooga, Orlando, London, Paris, Brussels, Philly cop shootings, hundreds and hundreds of jihad related arrests and thwarted plots, ISIS, al Shabaab, Boko Haram, etc. etc. etc.  It speaks to a very definite refusal, an absolute denial of reality, and why the Bush doctrine failed. He fundamentally misunderestimated the jihadic motive. And still does. This is the same Bush who stood with jihad-terror tied groups in the wake of 9/11. Among the group of Muslims he stood with after 9/11 was Nihad Awad, founder of CAIR, the Hamas front group for the Islamic Association of Palestine. Also there was Al Qaeda financier Abdurahman Alamoudi and Khaled Saffuri, who denounced President Bush for shutting down a pseudo-charity (Holy Land Foundation) that was raising millions of dollars for Hamas.

CAIR’s founder and executive director, Nihad Awad, was the Islamic Association of Palestine’s public relations director. Awad was contributing editor of the Islamic Association of Palestine’s publications, including Muslim World Monitor and Al-Zaitonah, which often praised jihad-terror attacks.

Khaled Saffuri  on the left of Bush and Nihad Awad on the right of Bush at a mosque in DC jusy after 9/11

Bush learned nothing. Still.

Two weeks ago, President Bush’s daughter Jenna proudly republished her father’s 9/17/2001 speech from inside the Islamic Center of Washington, D.C. in which he proclaimed “Islam is peace.” Really?

As the weeks after 9/11 rolled on, the Bush administration, like the Clinton administration before it, relied more and more on Muslim advisors inside the U.S. government to tell it about the “terrorist” threat and how to deal with it.  Karl Rove and Grover Norquist brought jihadis (“terrorists”) like Abdurahman Alamoudi (Al Qaeda), Sami al Arian (Hamas/MB), Suhail Khan (Muslim Brotherhood) and others into the Bush camp.  They believed working with “moderate Muslims” was the path to success.


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