People are Mad at Fox News for Being Hard on Trump, but this is why He Should have a Harder Time

In the presidential debates there is usually one person that always stands out far above the rest that everyone seems to love.

This time that person is Donald Trump. Trump is Americas current rock star. He came out swinging and telling it like it is. America seems to love him, and at this rate he just might be the next president of the United States. But he has to go through debates.

Trump has won the conservative votes so far, but he needs to win the independents also. Usually, in a debate, the most popular person always seems to get the most attention. They seem to always get the most fire aimed at them.

If Fox news and Megyn Kelly took it easy on Trump then he wouldn’t be more prepared for the next debates.

He would become relaxed and wouldn’t prepare for the future debates when it actually counts.

Do you think that liberal hosts will give Trump a free pass? They are going to go after Trump harder and with even more hatred than Fox news or Megyn Kelly could even dream.

If Trump is going to be president then he is going to face much harder situations than a debate where he is asked questions by Megyn Kelly. He is going to need the experience. He is going to need to be weathered.

Before the prize fighter goes into a fight the coach doesn’t give him a break. The coach doesn’t tell the fighter to relax and have an easy time. He tells that prize fighter to train harder and puts him through a more rigorous training program so that when the time comes he will be ready to win.

So while some people are complaining about Trump being under fire or having it harder in a debate that really isn’t the main debate, just take the time to be thankful that Trump, if he is your guy, is getting his training.

Trump is getting ready for the main fight. For when that time comes we want him to win. We don’t want him to have a free ride all the way to the end then run into a tough situation.

Trump is ahead in the polls by a large lead. It is only right to assume he could actually be nominated, and thus for, we need to get him prepared for his fight.


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