‘Our Country Is Not A Battered Woman’s Shelter’ Ann Coulter Destroys Muslim Refugee Advocates

Liberals have been flipping out that Trump wanted to make a temporary ban to stop immigration from terrorist countries. Imagine how they would react to what Conservative superstar Ann Coulter has to say in her radio interview with Sean Hannity.

“I think that is the reason for this election. The public has been begging for less immigration overall. Forget the ones from the countries designation by Hillary Clinton’s State Department as terrorist countries. For decades now, if you ask Americans do you want immigration to stay the same, go up or be reduced — nobody wants it to go up,” she said.

“And I believe it’s been a consistent majority saying, ‘No, fewer, fewer, fewer immigrants. We’ve taken in enough. America needs a break.’ We have taken, as I describe in ‘Adios America, for the past several decades, America has taken in more refugees than the entire rest of the world combined,” Coulter explained.

“Our country is not a battered woman’s shelter. We’re not here to take in all the charity cases of the world. This was the point of this election — please help us, the American people, including immigrants who have come in,” said Coulter.

She brings up a fantastic point. Liberals will respond by calling her a xenophobe or a racist, but we all know that those things aren’t true. Check out the video below.

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