Oh My God! What Mike Pence Did Last Night Will Make Donald Trump Cry Tears Of Joy

It was the last question of the night and Mike Pence had given a wonderful speech. He was fielding the questions from the audience when Zack Mongeillo took the microphone and asked Pence a question.

Zack Mongeillo wanted to ask Pence if he would pass Right to Try legislation in Washington, D.C. Mongeillo was overcome with a ton of emotion and couldn’t continue. He then left the stage and tried to comfort the boy!

Watch this.

Right to Try legislation allows terminally ill patients to use therapies that have passed basic testing, but are not FDA-approved. If you are interested in Right to Try, go visitrighttotry.org.

Share this! Let’s get these two elected. Goooooooo Trump! Thank you Mr. Pence.

Source: libertywritersnews.com

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