Obama’s State Dept. TURNS On Hillary With Shocking Admission

A legal document submitted in court last week by the Department of State in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by a conservative news organization showed that as the former secretary of state, current Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton displayed a flagrant disregard for proper protocol.

“(She) completed no security briefings or courses on the proper handling of classified materials and how to conduct secure communications while at the Department of State,” reported The Daily Caller, the news organization responsible for the suit, reported.

In comparison, then-Under Secretary Patrick Kennedy participated in 12 security classes and briefings during Clinton’s tenure.

The State Department reportedly reviewed multitudes of files and databases stored across its servers, yet found absolutely nothing to indicate that Clinton had even tried to follow Kennedy’s lead.

“If the search of these databases did not locate any such training records, then the courses were not completed,” concluded Eric Stein, the co-director of the State Department’s Office of Information Programs and Services.

Had she completed the courses, there would have been an electronic record — yet there was none, and this greatly irritated retired Col. James Williamson, a former Special Operations Forces officer.

“I would get a nastygram if I didn’t complete my online course,” he told The Daily Caller. “I have to make sure every year my employees would take the online course.”

Yes, but in case he wasn’t aware, Hillary Rodham Clinton is and has always been above the rules, regulations and laws that everybody else must abide by.

Source: conservativetribune.com

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