OBAMA White House Official Physically Assaulted a Mentally Handicapped Student… Over THIS!

We all know how violent leftists are. Usually, the more they talk about “tolerance,” the more violent they are.

Now, an official in the Obama administration is in HUGE trouble after he picked a fight with a mentally handicapped Native American student over the stupidest thing possible.

Barrett Dahl was visiting Washington D.C. when William Mendoza – in charge of American Indian education for the White House – assaulted him over what he was wearing.

Here are the details of the outrageous incident:

Barrett Dahl is Native American and a member of both the Choctaw and Sac and Fox Nations. He is also autistic. He says he wore the Redskins shirt because he was in Washington D.C. and because he sees it as a sense of cultural pride. However, when he showed up wearing it at a Pow Wow that’s when the trouble started.

He says within seconds of sitting down he was approached by William Mendoza.

“He comes to me and calls me the name weetard not retard, weetard. ‘You’re a weetard for not understanding Redskins is offensive’,” said Dahl on Wednesday. The incident happened back on October 30 of last year.

So to be clear, an Obama official in charge of education for Native Americans physically assaulted a handicapped student who is actually Native American. Think about that.

Isn’t it amazing how they berate conservatives about political correctness and then they pull a buncha crap like this?! If Obama actually believed in any of the values he espouses he’d fire this guy immediately!!

Here’s a news report on the incident that shows the injuries he received at the hands of Obama’s thug, and the medical bills he incurred:

Source: thepoliticalinsider.com

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