Obama Was Prepared to Mint a $1 Trillion Coin

Barack Obama has been giving his “last speech” and “last interview” for weeks, and it’s becoming annoying. He can’t leave the stage without having the last word or trying to gain empathy for a job he campaigned for but never had the experience to succeed in.

We have known from the beginning Obama was never qualified to run the best country in the world. He built up his resume on community organizing, not business-oriented matters.

That’s why when he joined former staffers to talk about his scariest moment as the president, he didn’t talk about terrorism, or war. He talked about a minor fight with Congress. His biggest fear was basic matters about the economy.

He said he was so scared about the debt ceiling, he wanted to print a coin worth $1 trillion dollars. Enough said.

From Business Insider:

“I think it was the moment when it seemed that John Boehner didn’t seem to generate the votes to make sure the US didn’t default on our debt,” Obama said, referring to the former House speaker. “We had to start drafting a speech.”

Obama told the podcast that, amid the possibility of a government shutdown and default that would most likely have lowered the US’s credit rating, the administration was considering numerous options to avoid the shutdown and deal with the national debt. One of the ideas floated, Obama said, was having the US Treasury mint a coin worth $1 trillion to pay off a good portion of the debt.

“We were having these conversations with Jack Lew and others about what options in fact were available, because it had never happened before,” Obama said. “There were all kinds of wacky ideas about how potentially you could have this massive coin.”

Can you imagine Hollywood making a movie about Obama’s “scariest moment?”

Just think: “Ocean’s 14: The Trillion Dollar Coin Heist” or “National Treasure: Quest for the Trillion Dollar Coin” What madness.

I wonder if he also thought, “Hey, I could mint 20 of these and give them to China and say they are paid in full!” The coins would be as fake as he is, phony as hell and not worth a damn.

Such an insane, childish plot would have destroyed our economy and our credit forever.

Do you see why our country went to the bottom of the heap with him as leader? If Obama would have stopped watching ESPN long enough and started learning how to be a leader, he would have thought a lot more sensible than that.

The bottom line is America will be back on its feet within the next four years, and we will have a smarter leader in the White House with experience to work through these things. God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless America. Good riddance, Obama!


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