Obama Wants to PUNISH The FBI For Investigating Hillary. Here Is Trump’s EPIC Response:

Liberals like to blame the FBI, Fox News, and white, male voters for Hilary Clinton’s devastating loss, but the real root of Clinton’s problem is far less complicated.

According to President-elect Donald Trump, Clinton didn’t lose because the FBI investigated her emails—she lost because she did not campaign well enough and showed “no enthusiasm,” as per the Daily Caller.

Trump said this in his usual way: through Twitter. On his social media account, he railed about the real reasons Clinton lost.

Key to this, he also talked about his cabinet, saying that the nominees were looking good. He mentioned that his people will be allowed to be themselves and express their own views, unlike the mindless drones that dance for President Obama.

That’s right, Obama—our new president won’t expect his government to jump through hoops like circus animals. President Trump has appointed the best, and he knows their honest opinion is valuable.

Unlike Trump, Barack Obama only wants his people to come to the conclusions he has in mind. So, he views the FBI as having over-stepped their bounds when they investigated something Obama would rather not have investigated. It couldn’t be because he’s somehow tied up in the Clinton scandal, could it?

The bottom line is that Obama expected the FBI to act the way the media act towards him, but neither the government nor the media should act that way in a free country.

True to this, Donald Trump is now speaking out against fake news, mostly against BuzzFeed and CNN, at least for the the moment. The mainstream medias’ questions will not be answered until they can learn to report honestly.

Besides, as Trump points out, blaming the FBI for Clinton’s loss is silly. That’s like blaming parents who are looking into whether their child stole from the cookie jar. It’s their job! If the child stole, that’s the child’s fault. Clinton, I think, certainly did.

She only focused on massively liberal states and ignored others. She also made little-to-no effort to sell herself, relying on her fame, the fact that her husband was once the president, and that she was gal pals with Obama to get her into the White House.

Hillary would do maybe one rally and then call it a day; Donald Trump, on the other hand, went to state after state and multiple cities. He met tons of Americans and showed that he cared about every single piece of small-town America. And the American people appreciated it.


Don’t forget: Obama hit the campaign trail for Clinton too and didn’t make a dent! Get over it, Obama!

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