Obama Launches 85,000-Man Army, Grooms RADICAL to Run Against Trump

Obama is still trying to run the country, despite our efforts to drag him from DC. “Shadow government” concerns mounted earlier today and may be more serious than we thought.

Obama is using his Organizing for Action coalition to train and churn out protesters and has already handpicked the man he wants to be his successor — Thomas Perez.

According to New York Post reporter Paul Sperry, who broke the story, all of the recruits are being trained according to the theories of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals playbook. Sperry said the shadow government resistance trained 32,000 agitators in just six weeks, with 25,000 going through the same program now, and another group of over 25,000 scheduled to go through in the Spring.

As for Perez, he was Obama’s secretary of labor. Obama pushed Perez, not Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison, to become the new head of the Democrat National Committee, via The Huffington Post.

“Tom Perez has been, I believe, one of the best secretaries of labor in our history,” Obama said during his final press conference. Perez, like Obama himself, is a socialist, Alinsky radical activist.

Obama’s support of Thomas Perez is yet another stick in the eye for Bill and Hillary Clinton. Perez’s competitor, Ellison, has been fully embraced by Clinton-backing career politicians on the left.

Obama and Perez go way back. The trust the former president has in Perez was demonstrated when Perez was sent in to deal with the Trayvon Martin case.

Holding true to Obama’s own mindset over the controversial killing, Perez mugged for the cameras when claiming, quickly, that the young black man’s death was due to racism. Obama also utilized Perez’s legal skills to get the New Black Panther Party off the hook for obvious voter intimidation during the 2008 election.

“If you look at his body of work on behalf of working people, what he’s pushed for in terms of making sure that workers get a fair deal, decent wages, better benefits, that their safety is protected on the job, he has been extraordinary,” Obama said of Perez while key Democrats were trying to push Ellison into the party leadership position.

Obama was reportedly a staunch holdout when the DNC was attempting to unite behind Ellison to lead the Democrat party forward after the embarrassing defeat of Hillary Clinton. The Minnesota representative is known as the most liberal Democrat currently serving on Capitol Hill.

More liberal than Bernie Sanders? More far left than Elizabeth Warren?

Wow… the Dems sure did not learn a thing from the 2016 election — and that’s a good thing. If they keep going down the path they are on, even more states will turn from blue to red during the 2020 presidential race!

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