Obama Just Gave Thousands Of Syrian Refugees a MASSIVE Early Christmas Present

President Barack Obama has made it clear over the past few months that he doesn’t really care about America’s national security — he is going to import as many Syrian refugees as possible into the country, even if it puts the lives of Americans in danger.

The Daily Caller reported that proof of this could be found in the recent actions of Obama’s Department of Homeland Security, which recently re-desiganted Syria for Temporary Protected States.

“(Refugees from TPS countries) are not removable from the United States, can obtain an employment authorization document (and) may be granted travel authorization,” the government’s rules regarding TPS explained.

Until March 2018, therefore, Syrians can pour into the United States, and the government won’t have the authority to deport them — meaning that hundreds of potential terrorists could gain access to our country and cause untold amounts of death and destruction.

The extension allows TPS beneficiaries to retain TPS through March 31, 2018, so long as they continue to meet the eligibility requirements for TPS,” the DHS explained.


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