Obama is PISSED! Rex Tillerson Just DESTROYED Something Dear to Him

Obama had a plan to continue wielding power even after he left the White House.

But that depended on having the right people in the right places. And the first thing Rex Tillerson did after taking over the State Department is FIRE those very people

As Tillerson departed for his first overseas trip as Secretary of State, he had his aides quietly fire most of the seventh floor staff at the State Department.

The seventh floor is known to be where all the powerful, high-ranking State Department officers sit.

The very same people who worked so hard to get Hillary elected, and who until a couple days ago formed the backbone of Obama’s “shadow government.”

These people are history. Some have described Tillerson’s first few days at State as a “bloodbath” for Obama’s holdovers.

No doubt “Barry” will find some other way to disrupt President Trump. But with people like Tillerson around, it sure isn’t going to be easy.

H/T World News Politics

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