Obama Begins Speech in Louisiana, Says 5 Words That Leave America SPEECHLESS

Barack H. Obama finally arrived in Louisiana… and disgraced our nation once again.

Instead of showing some class, Obama took the opportunity to throw a backhanded shot at Donald Trump, stating, “This is not a one off, this is not a photo-op issue.”

I am not sure if Obama realizes it or not, but Donald Trump actually donated $100,000 to a local charity as well as supplies to the cause.

The fact that he chose once again to use a national tragedy for political reasons should be enough to infuriate every American citizen, left or right.

Unlike Obama, Trump did not bring his gaggle of press with him or hold a formal press conference.

The only press that was there was there of their own free will and chose to cover Trump.

Trump could have cared less if they reported his visit. That is not quite the case with the President, however.

The fact of the matter is Obama should have been on the ground much sooner.

It is that presence that lets Americans know their leaders care.

In fact, it is that presence amongst a bit of danger that REALLY lets them know their leaders care.

His entire speech equates to someone saying, “I don’t mean to offend you but,” and then they offend you.

Saying “… this is not a phot-op” pretty much means he is there for a photo op!

I challenge the fact if he would have even gone to Louisiana if Trump had not gone already.

My guess is he would have dismissed it as a flood and nothing more. BUT, Trump forced his hand and now he HAD to go.

Sorry Mr. President, (and thank God I don’t have to call him that much longer) We the People are not buying it!

Source: angrypatriotmovement.com

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