BREAKING: Obama Bombshell Opens Door To His Intimate Past

Barack Obama’s past has always been shrouded in mystery. It’s that way on purpose–the Leftist media has done everything it can to keep it a secret. It’s the opposite of Donald Trump, who’s transparent and on the public radar for decades.

No one knew who Obama was before he ran for president. Now the truth about him is coming out–and it ain’t pretty. Two of his ex-girlfriends describe him as a cold individual who was obsessed with Islam and Pakistani culture (via The Telegraph).

Genevieve Cook and Alex McNear were two women who had the displeasure of calling Barack Obama their boyfriend. They had the opportunity of getting to know the President as few people have.

Even more fascinating is that they knew him when he was in his twenties. The portrait these two women offer of Obama is valuable because it gives us insight into who he was before his fame and manufactured public persona. They saw the true nature of the man who would be President.

Obama’s ex-girlfriends gave their remarks to David Maraniss, Obama biographer and associate editor at The Washington Post. How convenient that these two women never shared these recollections with anyone before.

But of course, Obama is no longer running for president. There’s no longer need to have the Democrat political machine carefully filtering unwanted details about Obama’s history. That’s why the true story is beginning to come out.

According to Genevieve Cook, there was a “coolness” about Obama. Cook maintains that Obama put on a facade of “sweet words” that hid his inward cold nature. Wow, that sounds familiar!

After all, that’s the same trick Obama pulled with the American public. He used a lot of nice words, promising voters the sun and the moon only to fall short on everything; a sweet talker with nothing of substance below the surface.

But that’s not the worst of it. That most disturbing part of these two women’s accounts is their description of Barack Obama’s fixation with Islam. Even during his college days, Obama existed infatuated with Middle Eastern culture. Apparently, Obama had Pakistani friends whose influence on him was enormous.

McNear wrote: “As the multiracial product of an international upbringing, he complained of being ‘caught without a class, a structure, or tradition to support me’ and envying the defined lives of Pakistani friends.” That’s something every American should have known about Obama before election day in 2008. Every voter deserved to know Obama was a Muslim sympathizer.

In 1981, Obama took a trip to Pakistan with his college roommate, Mohammed Hasan. We have little information about what happened on this trip. We can only assume the experience solidified Obama’s pro-Islam anti-America ideology.

Barack Hussein Obama should never have become president. Our greatest threat is Islamic terrorism. How could a Muslim apologist lead us successfully? That’s why Obama intentionally weakened our country and strengthened terrorists.

It’s too late now to stop what Obama did. But by bringing the truth to light, we expose his true “legacy” and get Americans to rally against the harm he did to this nation.

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