Obama Admits Plane Full of Cash in Iran, Instantly Humiliated When 2015 Briefing Surfaces

President Barack Obama has done his fair share of misleading the public since he’s been in the White House, with the recent discovery of the $400 million he gave to Iran being one of his worst deceptions.

First, the administration dismissed the idea that the money was ransom for the hostages that were interestingly released at the same time the money was transferred.

At least one of those hostages claimed he was told he would not be released until another plane, presumably filled with the money, arrived.

However, during a briefing in September 2015, a senior administration official rejected the notion that Tehran would receive any funds at all.

“I think there’s a common misperception that on implementation day a big suitcase full of cash shows up in Tehran and all of a sudden they have all this money, which I think is really – does a disservice to what actually is going to happen,” the official said.

In January this year, State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters that Iran wasn’t receiving a “windfall” of cash and reiterated the notion that the money was for sanctions relief.

Just this week, White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters that the money served to resolve several long-standing disputes the United States had with Iran, including the release of Americans held by Iran.

Watch the video below:



“It all come to a head at the same time,” Earnest said.


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