Obama BUSTED ‘Acting As President’ In Indonesia, Trump Gives Him MAJOR Surprise

You would think that if you were a former president, you would want to respect the person coming into office after you. You would KNOW the job is challenging, and that the new president needs space. Apparently, Obama couldn’t care less about his successor.

In some weird reality, Obama still thinks of himself as the president and is making visits to countries like South Korea to talk to elected officials. Obama has been acting like this since he left office, and now it is finally coming back to bite him in the butt. Once Obama gets back to the United States, he is going to have to testify before Congress about the allegations that he knew well in advance about the wiretapping on Trump AND the rumors of Russian interference (via YouTube). 

Originally, Obama stated he was going on a “family vacation,” but it seemed to have turned into something much different. It is almost as if Obama is pretending to be the president. The former president’s behavior is odd, disrespectful, and also violates the Logan Act.

The Logan Act is a federal law that carries a punishment including prison time. The law says that no unauthorized citizen can negotiate with foreign governments. According to what we can see here with Obama and the South Korean President that is very likely what he was doing.

Korea Herald reports that Moon spoke with Obama for about 40 minutes this week. During their meeting, Moon told Obama about his meetings with President Trump. Moon went as far as to ask Obama how he could improve his relationship with the current president. On what planet is this acceptable behavior?

Well, good ole’ Barry is going to be in for a surprise when he makes it back to the states. Newt Gingrich revealed on FOX & Friends, “Guess what’s about to happen: The Congress is about to have to call Barack Obama in to testify under oath about when he knew about Russia meddling.”

Things are going to start falling apart for Obama in a hurry. People are going to get exposed for their deception. Obama was involved in this scandal, and should not be able just to walk away.

Every Patriot in this country knows that Obama has one goal in mind: to dismantle Trump. The former president went against every standard in the world and made himself look like a fool.

Now he is going to have to face the music when he is done playing “shadow president.” What makes Obama think he has the right to deceive the entire country, then act like he is still relevant to the world when he is just another washed up liberal.

Personally, we cannot wait to hear what the former President has to say about the Russian meddling. He KNOWS something that we don’t, and if he lies under oath, it will catch up to him in one way or another. Better yet, if he decides to lie, he is going to be looking at obstruction of justice charges!

It is about time we start holding these people accountable. The behavior from the Left is unacceptable. PERIOD.

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