Nobody Was Expecting To Hear What Trey Gowdy Just Revealed About Obama – Video

Trey Gowdy gets a lot of hate from the left. That is because he is not afraid to get the truth from whoever he wants it from. He has done lots of work in order to get rid of the corruption that plagues Washington these days. Gowdy is beloved by so many conservatives around the country for his actions.

He has gone on Fox News recently and talked about the corruption that went on under former President Barack Obama. We all know what a liar Obama was. This man hired his administration based on who he knew would not blow the whistle. Though recently it has backfired, it worked for the most part.

On Fox, he wanted to talk about Susan Rice and the leaks that have happened since. We have all heard about the unmasking that went on under Susan Rice and Obama. What happened was big and illegal and should not be covered up by the left.

The mainstream media will not cover this because it does not go with their agenda that they want to push. Obama was a liar that would do whatever it took to get on top. He wanted to be as powerful as possible and this is one of the ways that he did that.

“This unmasking,” Gowdy said on Fox. “That is a privilege to be able to request that a U.S. person’s name be unmasked. I want to know who’s making the request [and] what is the evidentiary basis of that request? And if it’s late in your tenure – like the day before you leave office – that should send off alarms and sirens in your head as to why that person did it.”

Gowdy is a dog that can sniff out wrongdoing from miles away. That is why we love him.

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