NJ Mayor Says His Town Will Never Be A Sanctuary City

There is a drastic difference between those immigrants who eagerly assimilate into American society and those who instead shun our ways in favor of their own. Mayor Michael Ghassali of Montvale, New Jersey, is an example of the former.

In a status update posted to Facebook last week, this proud patriot and Syrian immigrant made it clear to his constituents that he would not be declaring Montvale a sanctuary city, despite requests from certain non-residents.

“I will not be signing any executive orders that will ask our employees to defy federal laws,” he wrote, referencing how sanctuary-city declarations promote the violation of federal law.

“A mayor should not be advocating the defiance of federal laws; otherwise we will have mayors signing orders challenging all different federal laws as they wish,” he added. “Montvale is not a Sanctuary City under this administration.

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