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According to President Barack Obama’s nominee to be the next top general in the Air Force, David Goldfein, budget limits are devastating morale within the Air Force.

That budget has drastically cut the flying hours of those pilots not currently in war zones, making our reserves dangerously under-trained.

“When we were sequestered in 2015, we grounded 13 fighter squadrons that stopped flying. We’re still recovering from that effort and if we’re sequestered again it will be even worse,” he said.

Now, those on the fronts getting all the flying time they need — but it is at a serious cost. Our squadrons not currently deployed get less flying time than their Russian and Chinese counterparts, according to theWashington Examiner.

All of this seriously concerns Goldfein.

“Pilots who don’t fly, controllers who don’t control, cyberwarriors who don’t operate, because they are not given the resources to do so, morale goes down and they vote with their feet,” he explained.

If he is confirmed, he said, he’d be in charge of the oldest and smallest Air Force in its history — that’s 68 years.

Sen. John McCain has been furious with the state of affairs, and felt personally responsible. He called the initial sequestration of five years ago “an act of incredible cowardice” on the part of the Congress.

“I hope that the voters understand that a good faith effort was made and it was turned down, four votes short, by members, some of the members of this committee,” he said. “I’m embarrassed.”

Take it from the war hero: We should all be embarrassed at the state of the U.S. military under Barack Obama.

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