Networks Completely Ignore Bombshell Report About Obama’s Disastrous Iran Deal

We recently told you about a bombshell story proving that Obama lied about the Iran deal and it was easily the biggest story of the week.

At the very least, he went about it in an incredibly dishonest way.

The mainstream media didn’t even blink.

From Newsbusters:

While ABC, CBS and NBC on Monday and Tuesday found time to celebrate the return of “easy-going,” rested Barack Obama to the public scene, none of them covered the release of a blockbuster expose that reveals the buried secrets of the ex-President’s Iran deal giveaway.

Politico senior investigative reporter Josh Meyer authored a more than 7300-word bombshell showing that Obama secretly released 21 Iranian prisoners (not the seven originally claimed), men who were deeply involved in Iran’s missile and nuclear program. On Tuesday morning, despite a combined eight hours of air time, ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS This Morning and NBC’s Today avoided the topic.

Look, we understand that the media is in the tank for Democrats.

But can’t they at least pretend that they care about huge stories that make Democrats look bad?

This is just embarrassing.

It’s remarkable but I really think they didn’t get the message in November.

They are so insulated and so out of touch that they just don’t get why no one trusts them anymore.

Sad to watch.

H/T: Youngcons


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