Nationwide Election Fraud: Texas, Philadelphia, Chicago, Virginia, Florida – Is There More To Come?

With less than two weeks before Election Day on November 8, vote fraud charges of tampering with ballots and voter registration are beginning to find their way in.

More than a hundred dead residents had been listed as active voters – who were found to have voted as many as 229 times – after their burial, according to Chicago investigators.

Election Fraud: Dead residents found to be voting?

Findings of media outlets including CBS Chicagorevealed that several residents were not taken off from voter rolls. One of these, as reported by the media outlet, was a man who had died in 1993 but had been discovered to have cast his ballot 11 times since his death. Another man, who had passed away in 1994, had voted six times.

Meanwhile, the states of Virginia and Florida have reported voter fraud charges against three individuals.

As reported by Breitbart News, the suspect from Virginia was identified as Vafalay Massaquoi, who fraudulently registered voters while working for the Democrat-affiliated New Virginia Majority advocacy group. Reuters reports that he was was arraigned on two counts of forging a public record and two counts of voter registration fraud.

In Florida, Gladys Coego, 74, was charged with filling out votes for a mayoral candidate while she worked as an official counter of absentee ballots. Thirty three year old Tomika Curgil was found to be filling out voter registration information for five voters without their consent in addition to “submitting 17 more registrations for fictitious people.”

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Election Fraud: Donald Trump says polls rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.

In the recent past, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been vocal about the US presidential election being “rigged” in favor of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Texas was an example where Trump said fraudulency was prevalent.

“A lot of call-ins about vote flipping at the voting booths in Texas,” Trump tweeted. “People are not happy. BIG lines. What is going on?” However, as reported by Politico, he has not offered any concrete evidence to prove his claims.

An investigation conducted by Action News with regards to Trump’s claims of voter fraud in the City of Philadelphia revealed findings that the media outlet said were “stunning.” Several people who had passed away years ago were found as active listed voters. One such voter was Joseph B. Haggarty who died in 2010, as evidenced by his grave marker, but was found to have voted for five years after his death; and Paul Bunch, who although had died in 2006 was found to have voted in this year’s primary.


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