National “Day Without Immigrants” Protest Backfires In a Way the Left NEVER Expected…

Yesterday, the left was busy embarking on yet another disingenuous publicity stunt in the form of “a day without immigrants”.

Basically, some immigrants in this country went on strike to protest Trump’s effort to deport criminal illegal immigrants.

Their mission… to prove how the country would supposedly come to a screeching halt if they were deported.

The left refuses to make the distinction between immigrant and illegal immigrant even though those are very different things.

Shockingly enough, it appears that our country would actually be okay without illegal immigrants.

Even the New York Times essentially admitted the protest was more of an inconvenience than anything else, and that cities did not grind to a halt.

On the other hand, check out what Trump was up to while all that nonsense was going on.


From BizPac Review:

February 16 marked an interesting juxtaposition of two competing worldviews in the country these days. On the one hand, illegal immigrants and their supporters eschewed work to stage a “day without immigrants” in an effort to show how the country would apparently grind to a halt if they were deported. On the other, President Trump signed a key, much-needed piece of legislation designed to put thousands of coal miners back to work.

Interesting juxtaposition indeed.

While the left is running around with their hair on fire over criminals being deported, Trump is busy doing actual work that helps the country.

President Obama absolutely decimated the coal industry for no reason other than ideology.

Thousands of coal miners lost their livelihood and ability to put food on the table thanks to Obama’s nonsensical coal regulations.

Finally, that’s about to get rectified.

Isn’t it strange how worked up Democrats are getting over the idea of vetting who comes in this country and kicking out criminals?

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