Natalia Veselnitskaya: I Did Not Have Any Information On The DNC Or Hillary Clinton And They Did Not Ask For It

From the moment Donald Trump Jr. released his emails showing that he had a meeting with the Russian lawyer, the mainstream media started reporting that the lawyer was a Russian government official with connections to Kremlin.

Natalia Veselnitskaya, the lawyer Trump Jr. met with, just appeared on MSNBC and ruined all the lies that the media spread.

The Natalia wasn’t connected to the Russian government, and she only wanted a meeting with Donald Trump Jr., not the campaign. It also came out that she was a lobbyist who had met with Democrats and Republicans previously.

She attacked the fake news media’s lies that she met with more people than just Trump Jr., and that she met with them to provide them with opposition research on Hillary Clinton.

 “I only knew that I was meeting with Donald Trump Tr.  I did not recognize anyone else in the room and they did not participate in the meeting.”

“I did not have any information on the DNC or Hillary Clinton and they did not ask for it.”


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