NASTY – What John Legend Just Said About The National Anthem Should END HIS CAREER!

This has gone a bit too far. John Legend has just weighed in on the “Star Spangled Banner” debate, and it was about as unpatriotic as it gets.

In a move illustrating the grip political correctness has on our country, Legend called our national anthem “weak,” and he said he doesn’t “truly love” the song.

The far-left Legend cited an unsung verse in the song many say appears to glorify slavery and noted the fact the song was written during a time when slavery was rampant in our country.
Legend’s Twitter post was roundly criticized, and one individual chimed in and said Kaepernick’s protest wasn’t about the lyrics but about “people that are being oppressed.”

However, Legend is missing the boat for a number of reasons.
Considering the fact most of the individuals “being oppressed” in most of these situations were those living in neighborhoods riddled with crime and considering the fact most of the individuals shot gave the police reason to take lethal force, at the very best Legend is displaying a breathtaking amount of ignorance.

But there’s another reason as well.

We as patriots actually get it: America is not perfect. We have had our share of problems and dark times in our history, but Legend is failing to understand one key about our country that sets us apart from a communist country or a socialistic nation.

Mr. Legend, our country is self-correcting. You see, we have this wonderful thing called freedom of speech, and this fellow named Abraham Lincoln understood that. So did Martin Luther King.

Yes, Mr. Legend, racism exists in this country, but it is not on the level liberals make it out to be. There are pockets of it for sure, but now we have a much bigger problem these days rather than racism, and that is race-baiting. Kaepernick was race-baiting, and so are you Mr. Legend.


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