MYSTERY: CNN loses feed as Muslim woman defends vote for Trump… “I Don’t Fear Trump, I Fear Muslims”


The “Clinton News Network” apparently had enough of a Muslim woman defending why she voted for Donald Trump on Tuesday.

As Asra Nomani made the case for why she supported Trump, the feed mysteriously disappeared.

Nomani, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and a co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement, was critiquing Hillary Clinton surrogate Khizr Khan and his wife on CNN Friday.

Referring to Trump, Nomani said, “He expresses a truth that people speak.

“I sat, watched the Democratic convention, and as I watched the soldier’s family speak, I saw the husband speak, I wondered to myself, who is that woman. She wasn’t even introduced by the DNC if you look back at the tape,” she said, referring to Khan’s wife who stood by his side but never spoke.

“We didn’t even know her name, we didn’t know her identity. And so I’m a woman who fights for rights within our Muslim community and I wondered the same thing, why was she silent,” Nomani said.

“Mr. Khan said she was silent because she would have been overcome by grief to talk about her dead son,” host Carol Costello responded.

“Absolutely,” Nomani said. “Oh my gosh, I am so –” she began before the feed disappeared.

“After a couple moments of silence, Costello said, “Oh my goodness. It’s a bad Skype connection and I apologize for that but I’d like to thank Asra Nomani for coming on and sharing her views because I think it’s important to hear from every kind of American citizen at this tense time in our country.”

CNN mysteriously lost its feed in July when a reporter was critiquing Hillary Clinton’s crime record.

As reporter Brianna Keilar was appearing live from Hillary’s speech in Springfield, Illinois, the feed suddenly ended.



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