Muslims Everywhere Now Threatening To Leave U.S If TRUMP WINS

There is a city in the United States that has the highest concentration of Muslims. That would be the city of Dearborn, Michigan. There was a video released that says that some Muslim residents would either flee the country or stay and fight the rhetoric that Trump is using.

The Muslim residents there say that Trump would be a danger to the United States of America. The Republican presidential nominee has said that “Islam hates us” and those residents don’t agree with that. Some have said that they will leave for Canada if Trump becomes President.

In that case, BYE! No one is stopping you from leaving this country. In fact many people would be willing to pack your bags FOR YOU. One person seems to think that by threatening to leave the country it’s going to change the mind of Trump. “If Donald Trump becomes President, then I have a message for Trudeau in Canada: You’re going to get an influx of Muslims coming your way.”

Is that supposed to be a threat? If so it’s not a very effective one. It’s actually laughable that they think that is a threat. It might be a threat to Canada, but not the United States.

Then comes the section of “Radical Islam.” That is where the people get the most delusional. Anything that is radical can be considered bad. It’s a fact. Well another person in the video has this to say about Trump and “Radical Islam.”

“His goal is to upset and anger people.” The only reason that people are going to get upset about this is because they are facts! If the comeback you have against a fact is that it shouldn’t be stated because it’s going “upset and anger people” then you need a reality check.

Some people that were interviewed want to argue that “radical Islam” is hurting people everywhere. “It is hurting not just the Muslim community, but any minority.” Well here’s a question for you. When was the last time that the term “radical Islam” actually helped anyone? That is because IT HASN’T. So for you to say that it’s hurting people is a fact! Yes facts are scary to liberals, but you cannot deny this.

They believe that Trump is the reason that people have such a negative view of Muslims and Islam. Except that isn’t the case. The City of Dearborn has an Arab Festival every year. Well during this event a Christianity group had decided to go out to the event and try and tell people about the Christian religion.

They weren’t doing anything wrong. They were literally standing there with their signs. And what did the people of the supposedly “peaceful” religion do? Well they started pelting the Christians with anything they could throw. That included shoes, water bottles, and even bits of concrete! Because that’s peaceful.

So even though they have people throwing objects at followers of another religion, Trump is the reason that people in the United States have an unfavorable opinion on Muslims and Islam. Because that makes a lot of sense.

To make matters even worse, at this festival the cops wouldn’t do anything against the Muslims who were throwing whatever they could at the Christians. The Christian group was talking to the police and straight up asking them why they weren’t doing anything to help. This was all recorded on video.

Probably the most interesting part was that the Christianity group says that this same thing HAPPENED THE PREVIOUS YEAR. And the cops STILL did nothing. You can clearly hear the head of the group saying, “The reason that this is going on now is because of what happened last year. What happened last year is you allowed it to escalate into this.”

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