Muslims Attack Philly Restaurant Customers, Police Panic Over ONE Chilling…

Attacks of any type are upsetting, but when something like this happens in the heart of a major American city, it terrifies us all.

In June of last year, a group of late-night restaurant goers were brutally attacked at a popular steak joint in Philadelphia, Geno’ Steaks. Just before the attack, the attacking Muslims said, “Don’t mess with us, we belong to ISIS.” The attack also appears to be completely unprovoked, via

One victim, Patrick Kane, and his wife Brooke, had just attended a friend’s wedding before the attack occurred. Apparently, a friend of Brooke’s asked one of the five Muslim thugs for a cigarette, and they suddenly became targets.

Kane said he was then very quickly surrounded. “They just snapped and started yelling, ‘We belong to ISIS’. They shoved the one girl, hit my wife, the other guy and I tried to jump in. All of a sudden what started as one guy turned into five, five guys started attacking everybody.”

When the police showed up, the five attackers fled in a van driven by a female “getaway driver,” as the police later described her.

Kane was particularly upset about the actions of the Philadelphia police. Police did not provide information about the assault nor did they provide a full video of the incident.

They provided a small clip of video caught on security footage from before the attack had taken place. They said the rest was too “graphic” to release. Kane and his wife, however, allege that there is another reason why the police failed to release the video and give pertinent details about the assault.

According to Mr. Kane, the police are afraid to make their information public because they fear retribution from the Muslim community ( keep in mind Philadelphia has a VERY liberal mayor who has repeatedly defended Islam, even after a police officer in the city was attacked by someone  in the name of Islam). Kane refused to stay silent about the issue and showed his badly beaten face for everyone to see.

“I got punched in the nose, then I got punched in the back of the head, I got two uppercuts to the face,” Kane said. He believes the only reason they weren’t killed is because the other people in the restaurant called 911.

Whether these attackers were actually members of ISIS remains to be seen, but it brings up a much different problem…

Do we know have people in this country “pretending” to be ISIS members to cover their own violent activity? Is this the new “in” thing to do?

We are headed down a very ugly path, patriots.

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