BREAKING: Mueller Caught Making MASSIVE Anti-Trump Move. FIRE HIM NOW.

The fake news train has been barrelling down the tracks for quite a while now. We need to start calling the mainstream media out to bring that train to an abrupt stop.

The Special Counselor for the Russia investigation, Robert Mueller, has added multiple Left-leaning attorneys to the Russia-Trump investigation committee. Now, he’s added Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Goldstein, according to NBC News. We’re NOT looking at a coincidence here.

Goldstein used to work for Preet Bharara, who was fired by President Trump after refusing to resign.  What are the chances — out of EVERYONE involved — that Goldstein would get pulled into this mix?

Right after the news broke, Preet Bharara took to his Twitter to congratulate Goldstein: “Andrew Goldstein, my corruption chief, joins Special Counsel Mueller. Best of best in every way. Fair, tough, smart.”

It seems like Bharara has a lot of confidence in Goldstein. It’s worth wondering if this is all part of a bigger plan to undermine the president. We wouldn’t put ANYTHING past the Democrats at this point.

You should know that there’s a good chance of this being a setup. If you need any evidence, turn on your T.V., and jump over to a mainstream media channel to see what they’re talking about. It’ll just be a constant barrage of Trump propaganda, and it never stops.

There’s no integrity in journalism anymore. People report whatever they need to report to appease their bosses.

The “committee” Mueller is putting together seems to be made up of people who openly talk about their dislike for the president. Now, they’re going to really go after president Trump.

Something AWFULLY fishy is going on here. There’s a bigger plot here — not to just remove Trump from office, but to gain complete control of our country.

We’ve all witnessed crimes against our freedom. It’s evident that the left want to do everything they can to get Trump out of office, but oddly enough, it’s like they forgot — getting Trump out means Pence goes in.

Mike Pence, the Vice President, would become President of the United States. Would the left just start the character assaults once again when it dawned on them that Hillary wouldn’t show up on a red carpet with a crown on her head? If they think they can overrule the will of the PATRIOTS of this country, they have another thing coming!

H/T: angrypatriotmovement

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